Home renovations can be painful, inconvenient and noisy at best. This is because major home renovations generally aren’t quick. In fact, the path to an upgraded home is multi-faceted.

There’s the planning stage, which is the time to share your vision as to how you want your home to look after all of the noisy construction work is finished. Share your vision clearly and you’ll be fascinated with the blueprints that designers and engineers create.

Getting to more home renovation enjoyment

Following the planning stage come pricing, team building and material gathering. Then, the upgrades begin. Renovate an entire room and you’ll see and hear walls being knocked out. Dust and debris could fly and splatter, covering your floors and blanketed furniture.

A few days of this and you could start to regret the fact that you decided to widen a room, add new cabinets and counters to your kitchen or replace the flooring, tiles and shelves in your bathroom. Following are five options that could take the pain out of a home renovation:

  • Get clear about the specific project that you’re going to undertake. Avoid turning one home renovation into four major upgrades. Definitely schedule a time for when the construction work will be performed. For example, you might want to steer clear of scheduling construction early in the morning.
  • Research what’s involved in the home renovation. Find out how much time and money are generally needed to finish the work. You could even check out online videos to get a closer look at the upgrade process,including the background noise that comes with the work.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. This should be relatively easy if you pick a specific home renovation that you’re going to perform and stick to that one renovation. You can always go back months later and pay for another upgrade. Also, price shop to get the best deal. By avoiding debt, you’ll have one less thing to concern yourself with as your house is being improved upon.
  • Work with experienced, licensed contractors or interior designers. These professionals might charge a little more, but they could keep you from having to pay to repair shoddy work that less experienced professionals do.
  • Consider staying in a part of your house that’s furthest from where the construction is being performed. It might also be a good idea to stay at a hotel or a relative’s while your house is being renovated.

Home renovations don’t have to be hard and painful

It can take the best construction crew weeks to finish major upgrades at your house. This can make staying at your house while it’s being renovated aggravating. As a matter of fact, it’s the hallmark home renovation noise, clutter and disorganization that keep some homeowners from making major changes to their house.

Fortunately,there are steps that you can take to make home construction less painful. Familiarizing yourself with activities that are involved the specific home renovations that you are getting is important. The better you understand and prepare for scheduled upgrades, the less aggravating the path to an improved house can be.

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We live in the 21st century and the age of technology, this we know. But, what some sellers still do not realize is the importance of properly staged and well taken photos. The photos that you place online with your home’s listing can make or break a buyer’s interest. If you do not feel confident in your own ability to take the photos then you may want to consider hiring a photographer. However, if you feel capable of taking the photos that will be a buyer’s first look, then review the pointers below.

1. Proper lighting: Proper lighting when taking photos is essential. The lighting can completely alter the look of a home; a poorly lit room can look older and smaller than it actually is. To avoid this, try taking photos during the daytime when there is plenty of natural light, but when the sun is not beating into the room as it can cause shadows. The natural light is an ideal situation, as different lightbulbs give off different levels and color of light.

2. Avoid blurry photos: Posting out of focus photos to your listing is asking for a buyer to overlook your home. They are not only uncomplimentary but detrimental to a buyer’s interest. Make sure to keep the camera or phone (only high-end phones) steady and have proper lighting when taking the photos. It would be best to utilize a tripod or a stabilizer, if you have access to one.

3. Choose your angles wisely: All too often photos are shot up close on a feature in the room. This does not give the buyer an accurate depiction of what the room truly looks like. It’s hard to tell its size and its shape. Try standing in a doorway or inside of a closet, so you are able to photograph most of the room. But, be sure not to use a wide-angle camera lens, as it can distort the room and give buyers a false pretense of its size.

4. Remove clutter: Taking photos of your home for your online listing while there is clutter all over is not the best way to showcase your home. It will make your rooms look smaller and be harder for one to visualize his/her belongings in that space.

5. Remove personal items: When selling your home, you want buyers to be able to envision themselves living there. It’s important to remove overly personal items for open houses and it’s also important to do so when taking photographs of your home.

These are just a couple pointers for taking photos that peak buyers’ interests in your home. If you are very inexperienced in photography,be sure to do additional research, so you are taking the best photos possible.And again, if you’re unsure of your ability, it might be best to leave it to the professional—as a first impression is everything.

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